Meet all our friendly animals at Godstone Farm!

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Farm animals

Whether you like pigs, sheep, goats or cows, we have every kind of farm animal for the animal fan!


We are proud that our animal experiences are unbeatable in the Surrey, Sussex, and Kent area. With a range of farm animals, big and small, we are sure you won’t be disappointed.

Global Radio- Godstone Farm & Playbarn

Animal Encounters

Our animal holding area is located next to the main barn, and it is the perfect place for you to meet the rabbits, chickens and guinea pigs. This is also home to our delightful chinchilla, degu, terrapins, tortoises and other small animals.

Global Radio- Godstone Farm & Playbarn

Ponies, Horses & Donkeys

Meet Georgia and her friends as they graze in the fields at Godstone Farm.


They love to meet new people – as long as you’re friendly and gentle! As seasoned residents here at the farm, our horses, ponies, and donkeys will make you feel welcome.

Birds & Poultry

You will find a colourful array of birds and poultry living all around the farm. With chickens, ducks, geese and even budgies, you’ll see a variety of different colours and characters! We also house some more exotic birds, so come and explore the farm and find out more.

Fluffy & Furry

Rabbits, chinchillas, degus, ferrets and more, our fluffy and furry residents are more than just cute animals.


They come from all around the world, and when you visit them at the farm, you can find out all about these extraordinary little creatures.

Llamas & Alpacas

Come and meet some of the most extensive and most fascinating animals grazing at Godstone Farm! Our Llamas and alpacas are some of the most exciting mammals you can meet here, and you can learn all about them with our animal encounter experiences.

Animal Feeding

When you visit us at Godstone Farm, you can enjoy a jam-packed day of family fun. Our animal experiences mean you can join us to feed the pigs daily, plus a range of other activities scheduled during the year. Animal feed for the hungry sheep, goats, llamas and cows is available in the gift shop.


With over 500 animals at the farm, you can meet a whole host of babies. From piglets and calves to chicks and lambs, you won’t be disappointed with our sweet little residents. With the highest standards of animal welfare & enrichment, you can rest assured with our level of care in baby animal development.

Come and meet our extensive range of friendly animals. Call or email us today and plan your visit.