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You are in for a real treat!


We pride ourselves on looking after lots of animals both big and small, no matter whether you like the mighty cows, the very tall llamas, tiny chicks or niosy pigs we have everything to ensure you have a great day.


As you head around the farm there are lots of interesting facts to learn about the animals and wow your friends and family.




We have lots of babies throughout the year.

If you are really lucky you may get to see one being born!



The animal Holding Barn is very popular to see, stroke and hold smaller animals.




The viewing gallery is the best place to see the animals in the main barn.




The Creature Courtyard is new to 2013 and has lots of smaller animals to enjoy.




As well as seeing all the animals, watching what they do, eat and drink and listening to the sounds they make...

You can also participate in our staff led feeding sessions with the Pigs and the Ducks!



If you would like to feed the Goats and the Sheep you can also use one of the feeding stations.



To make sure you don't miss out on a single thing, there is also a great farm trail to follow and see all the animals.


The trail will test you to see how similar you are to the animals!  

Can you balance on one leg as well as a goat, can you make the noises you can hear, is your memory as good as an Alpaca and can you run as fast as a Rhea?  


Come and find out...